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Ten Auto Shippers In The United States

Finding a good reliable auto transporter out of the hundreds competing for your business does not have to be a nightmare. Most people like to think they made an educated decision while doing the least amount of research. Don't worry at NATIONWIDE, our main goal is to make your auto shipping experience a breeze, as we showcase a top list of the very best domestic auto shippers in the United States of America.


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Inspect your car before
pick-up and take photos

Take time to inspect your car before the carrier arrives and note any visible or mechanical problems. It’s helpful to take dated and well-lit photos of your car from different angles. Thankfully, the industry as a whole has a damage rate under 3%, so you probably won’t have to deal with the photos at all.


Protect your vehicle from the elements

If you own a classic, vintage or luxury vehicle, you’ll want to request either fully enclosed transport (an enclosed trailer), or have your vehicle “top loaded.” Top loading typically costs a bit more, but your vehicle will travel on the upper deck of the carrier, where contact with road debris and auto fluids is less likely.


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More tips


Take everything out
of your vehicle

Remove all of your personal belongings from the automobile. Auto transport companies will not insure any personal belongings that remain in your vehicle during shipping.


Leave only a quarter
of a tank of gas

Leaving only a quarter tank of fuel in your vehicle is the safest option during transport, unless your carrier tells you otherwise.

All 50 states are served
by the listed shippers


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Agree on reliable pick-up
and delivery location

Before your transporter arrives, understand how and where your vehicle will be loaded. Some companies offer door-to-door auto transport, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the vehicle will be delivered directly to your door. Communicate ahead of time with your carrier to find out if their truck and trailer can navigate to your business or residence. Some streets and alleyways may be inaccessible, so you may need to meet at a mutually agreed location like a near by parking lot.


Keep a realistic timeline

To ensure your vehicle arrives when you need it, you’ll need to plan well in advance—sometimes weeks ahead of time. The carrier should provide a window of time in which your vehicle will be loaded and delivered. Patience is also a key factor. Unlike standard parcel shipping, unforeseen delays can occur.
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